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found solution here:


Google Android development team – you’re a bunch of whores!

Why std is so fu**ing old??????

need to write your own to_string function

string to_string (int num)
ostringstream convert; // stream used for the conversion

convert << num; // insert the textual representation of ‘Number’ in the characters    in the stream

return convert.str();

found this nice question and great answer

works great

i’m looking for a UI menu for my ndk app.

found this nice project

from this q&a

also, this looks nice:

and this


many shit here

After SDK upgrade my app kept on failing with errors on launch



I spent 2 hours on this bullshit

under project libs, right click on cordova-2.3.0.jar and click Build Path –> Add to Build Path

just change in your to android-9 in the APP_PLATFORM

APP_STL = gnustl_shared
APP_CPPFLAGS = -fexceptions
APP_PLATFORM := android-9
APP_ABI := armeabi

Building Boost with NDK

Posted: May 9, 2013 in android, c++, JNI/NDK, mobile

found this nice post, I hope it works

It didn’t. this is shit.

Another try:

found this nice code

download + extract + put the “boost” dir in the same level of your android project (not inside, but in the same level).

Edit boost\tools\build\v2\user-config.jam –> change “ANDROID_NDK = E:/android/ndk ;” to ANDROID_NDK = <YOUR NDK LOCATION> ;

Final thoughts

I didn’t manage to build boost with android. Just use plain POSIX threading. Works great.