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Well, I was working on my phonegap + native application for stuttering therapy for some time now. And it was really a mess. nothing worked smoothly and every step took lots of time. CSS is a real bitch for me and I don’t like it one bit. I miss the days I was creating web apps with macromedia flash and everything was visual and easy. The gui was a piece of cake and writing code was brief and very debuggable.

Before I started to build my mobile app I created a very similar app using Silverlight. This was also very nice. Using Expression blend for the GUI and C# for the code is sooooo sweeeeet.

I’m going to convert both my apps (the silverlight and phonegap + java) to Adobe Flash Air. I really hope the API adobe provides is compatible and I will write this app only once for all platforms.

going to start with this video series on youtube. 

Sample Application using Flex and AIR for Android

Tutorial: Flex for Android in 90 Minutes

key feature in my app is sound recording in real time, found it on stackoverflow

How can I record audio in a Air Mobile App?


Create an Android application in Flash Builder

PHP – MySQL – Flex 3 Client-Server Application

very nice example with audio & microphone:

“VoiceNotes for Android”: Sample App using Flex, AIR, and the Microphone API

also found this awsome ebook on flex for android: