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found a nice post on

it was relevant to abs4.0.0. now i download 4.2.0. so here is what i did:

  • download
  • extracted and copied library folder to my workspace.
  • Created a new project “abs4.2.0” out of existing source, and also checked “copy to workspace”.


  • copy “android-support-v4.jar” (under libs) from your final project (with your code on it) and move it to the same place under the “abs4.2.0” project.
  • Go to project “abs4.2.0” properties, check the “Android 4.2.0” target and check “is Library”.


  • Go to menu in Project->Clean and than Project->Build Project. build abs4.2.0 project.
  • So I have a ton of prasing XML errors and my abs4.2.0 proj looks like shit.
  • I tried to add android-tools.jar to the Build path.
  • I tried to “Add Android Support library” under projProperties->Android Tools->Add Support library. I updated with revision-11.
  • but still i got a bunch of errors like this:Description Resource Path Location Type
    error: Error parsing XML: no element found abs__action_bar_home.xml /abs4.2.0/res/layout line 1 Android AAPT Problem
  • ok. the problem was that eclipse deletes the content of most src+res+xml files in the abs4.2.0 project. So I just copied again from the extracted library folder the AndroidManifest.xml and the entire res+src folder and copied it the abs4.20 project in my workspace. I also had to recreate “.proj” file because it was erased too by eclipse.
  • This is the problem with free software… 😦
  • Now when abs4.2.0 is ok I added it to my project as an Android library.