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found solution here:



All the forums said it was because my Firebreath and my DLL were not both in Debug or in Release. But this wasn’t true. They were both in Debug and still I had this runtime crash.


Just add “-DWITH_DYNAMIC_MSVC_RUNTIME=1” to your prep script.

look for it here –

Google Android development team – you’re a bunch of whores!

Why std is so fu**ing old??????

need to write your own to_string function

string to_string (int num)
ostringstream convert; // stream used for the conversion

convert << num; // insert the textual representation of ‘Number’ in the characters    in the stream

return convert.str();

I needed to parse JSON response from a server.

I did my research and the most important thing i looked for was SIMPLICITY of API and small number of files to integrate to my existing project.

Finally, I found what I was looking for. Not something fancy JSON library but rather a very simple one that does the trick very nicely without any obvious bugs.


The code to print every Json response:

i’m looking for a UI menu for my ndk app.

found this nice project

from this q&a

also, this looks nice:

and this


many shit here

just change in your to android-9 in the APP_PLATFORM

APP_STL = gnustl_shared
APP_CPPFLAGS = -fexceptions
APP_PLATFORM := android-9
APP_ABI := armeabi

Building Boost with NDK

Posted: May 9, 2013 in android, c++, JNI/NDK, mobile

found this nice post, I hope it works

It didn’t. this is shit.

Another try:

found this nice code

download + extract + put the “boost” dir in the same level of your android project (not inside, but in the same level).

Edit boost\tools\build\v2\user-config.jam –> change “ANDROID_NDK = E:/android/ndk ;” to ANDROID_NDK = <YOUR NDK LOCATION> ;

Final thoughts

I didn’t manage to build boost with android. Just use plain POSIX threading. Works great.