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download the engine


and than the VCE files from wherever, just look in google


Wow this was really wierd…

the settings didn’t matter. only after running on CMD in administrator mode the command :

sfc /scannow

this solution was taken from here on this tutorial

Add the select menu to the html code

<select name=”timeOfWorkoutPlanMinutes” id=”timeOfWorkoutPlanMinutes” data-native-menu=”true”>
<option value=”0″>00</option>
<option value=”5″>05</option>
<option value=”10″>10</option>
<option value=”15″>15</option>
<option value=”20″>20</option>
<option value=”25″>25</option>
<option value=”30″>30</option>
<option value=”35″>35</option>
<option value=”40″>40</option>
<option value=”45″>45</option>
<option value=”50″>50</option>
<option value=”55″>55</option>

and it can be changed by javascript

$(‘#timeOfWorkoutPlanMinutesoption[value=’+val+’]’).attr(‘selected’, ‘selected’);

Best VNC server

Posted: July 2, 2013 in MAC+SHIT

Tried most of them (real, uvnc etc)
this is the best one:



All the forums said it was because my Firebreath and my DLL were not both in Debug or in Release. But this wasn’t true. They were both in Debug and still I had this runtime crash.


Just add “-DWITH_DYNAMIC_MSVC_RUNTIME=1” to your prep script.

look for it here –