source control online with and Mercurial

Posted: March 13, 2013 in mobile

time to stop using dropbox to save code. its crappy and i need to keep zip files with previous versions.
Its time to go source controlled.
A friend recommended so i tried it and really after a few bumps everything worked 100%.
happy happy



1. download mercurial
2. than go in CMD one folder above your existing code (make sure the folder is named same as your project)
in CMD write

hg init <folder_name>

2.5 create a repository on with the same name

3. later, i open “windows explorer” and right click on the very same folder and click “HG commit”
than i choose the files to add to my stream. Click “commit”
4. and than I use the “hg push” command to push it online to bitbucket.
for example

hg push https://<your_uname><your_uname>/<your_proj&gt;

works g8!!

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