Phonegap(android) open a native java UI Activity while updating phonegap database with results from that native activity

Posted: February 1, 2013 in android, javascript, jquery mobile, phonegap, snippets

ok. so in the previous posts i:

  1. opened a native java UI Activity – see post
  2. created a plugin that uses CallbackContext and updates the phonegap database – see post

I want that every several seconds the database will be updated (in case of a crash, i want the data to be valid) so now I will connect the two.

The native Activity is going to trigger the callback function every some and some seconds so database is continuously updated.


so on the javascript side when user hits the “new” button:

function startWorkout ()
gCurrentWorkoutTimestamp = Number(;
// add a new item to database with the new workout
gWorkoutsTable.addWorkout({“date”: gCurrentWorkoutTimestamp, “duration”: 0});

// set a callback functionallity from native to phonegap to update database constantly during workout
function(duration) {
gWorkoutsTable.updateWorkout({“date”: gCurrentWorkoutTimestamp, “duration”: duration});

// now start native java activity

you can see that on a new workout, i’m starting a new timestamp (same as ID), adding a new sql INSERT statement and create the item in the database, registering in the phonegap plugin to get updates (on every update trigger an UPDATE sql statement with a new value) and finally – start the native UI java activity with phonegap js interface (same way i describe on this post).


Everything works just fine! 🙂

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